Eco Education

Its my dream to have my kids go to a school where they teach you how to love the earth, love yourself and set a great foundation for life. These amazing schools are doing just that.

Panyaden School, Chiang Mai

Located in a beautiful fruit orchard surrounded by rice fields,15 minutes from Chiang Mai city center, Panyaden is a green school, built from earth and bamboo, which integrates Buddhist values and environmental mindfulness with a modern bilingual curriculum. panyaden 2

Students who graduate from our school will not only have internationally compatible skills in reading, writing, mathematics and science but also essential life skills such as how to grow rice and vegetables and repair clothes, to eat healthily and to be socially responsible.

Their curriculum is a hybrid between the national Thai curriculum and the International Primary curriculum.  The curriculum is taught in both Thai (50%) and English (50%) from Nursery right through to Prathom 6 (the end of Primary). Each class has a Thai teacher and fluent English speaking teacher. They also have specialist teachers in creative arts and traditional wisdom such as painters, musicians, specialists in local agricultural methods, in cloth weaving and northern cuisine.

The school is built from earth and bamboo that has been treated to both withstand and complement the elements. Organic vegetables and rice are grown on the school property. Waste water is treated and biogas produced.

For more information visit their website which is in English:

Monsaengdao School, Chiang Rai

volunteer monsaengdaoNot quite a school you can send your kids to, but definitely a school that deserves our support. Monsaengdao Ecological School is an education centre integrating nature studies and agriculture for girls from ethnic minorities in northern Thailand. Located in a forested area, some 30km south east of Chiang Rai, the school was established to provide education in a supportive and healing environment for girls at risk of human rights violations. Each year, up to 30 high school-aged girls receive free education and accommodation at the school.

They welcome volunteers who can live on campus while helping out. A minimum commitment of one week from volunteers is required for these types of activities. For more information on how to support them, visit their website: