Green Me Up!

Learn more about a range of green living topics such as Worm Farming, Natural Cleaning, Natural Body Care and more!

Check out our green workshops:

  • Your Body Workshop

    Learn how to care for your body in a natural and organic way. Learn about products suited to your body that are earth friendly!

  • Your Baby Workshop

    Organic baby food, unbleached diapers, baby skin care and much much more. Learn how to care for your baby in a natural green way.

  • Your Food Workshop

    Helping you understand the local food market, including deciphering all the labels and certification. Showing you where to find organic vegetables and meats in Bangkok. Learn about sustainable seafood and finally learn what to do if you can’t find the organic vegetables you want!

  • Your Home Workshop

    Make your home a chemical free haven for your family, in particular young children and your pets. Avoid using harsh chemicals in your home while still maintaining the sparkle you desire. Its better for your family’s health!

  • Your Travel Workshop

    Zoom around town in an eco-friendly fashion. Learn about all the great bike paths, how to catch the local bus, walking paths, eco-friendly cars and much more!

  • Your Waste Workshop

    Deal with your home waste in an effective manner to reduce the green house effect. Learn about Worm Farming, Bokashi Bins and most important of all, learn how to Recycle!

  • Your Workplace Workshop

    Learn about green lighting, green waste management, paper use reduction and many other great green ways for your office! Going green is also a great way to save cost! This would be a fun team building event for your workplace.

We also offer customised workshops to suit your needs. Please email for more details. All workshops are set up on demand. Price per workshop 500B per person. One-on-one Workshop 1000B.