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Sustainable Furniture Stores


The country’s leading eco-design company is OSISU, founded by Singh Intrachooto, Ph.D.  Each OSISU product is hand-crafted from materials left to waste at construction sites or discarded from manufacturing processes.OSISU creates contemporary furniture from a wide variety of recycled materials including teak scraps, fiber boards and tree roots, thermal pressed cartons (juice/milk cartons) and even ground coffee! “Trash gets new lease on life” according to Dr. Singh. Salvaged materials transformed by designers and artisans to create modern products.

Dr. Singh heads the Building Innovation and Technology program at Kasetsart University, Thailand’s leading environmental institute. He is constantly seeks never-recycled scrap material to turn it into something useful.  His students produce accessories and other items that are sold at Kasetsart’s Scrap Shop.

18/18 Moo 3, Nontaburi 1 Road, Bangklasor, Muang Nontaburi 11000| T:662.968.1900 F: 662.968.1906 and 662.968.1907|


Award-winning furniture manufacturer Deesawat, whose motto is, “where quality comes naturally” is an innovative design leader in Thailand’s furniture industry. Deesawat uses Batyline® (100 percent recyclable composite fabrics) and synthetic rattan in a large range of their furniture. But best of all, after shipping their products to the United States, Deesawat fills the containers with end-cuts and other wood remnants from American sawmills, which it imports into Thailand. From recycling those leftovers, the firm creates floor paneling, lights, and other stunning products for the home.

Deesawat Industries Co., Ltd| 71/9 Moo 3 Chaengwattana Rd, K. Taladbangkhaen, Laksi, Bangkok 10210, Thailand| T: 02 521 1341 F: 02 551 1503 E:|


Yothaka International pioneered the use of water hyacinths in the Thai furniture manufacturing industry.  Thailand was the first country to recognize the potential value of this tropical weed, which was choking off waterways in much of Southeast Asia, and transformed it into a useful fiber and a sustainable cash crop. From the water hyacinth, Yothaka’s creative artists and master craftsmen created hand-made furniture with aesthetically simple designs. Yothaka also uses Yan Lipao, a forest fern traditionally used in Thai baskets, another easily renewable agricultural fiber. From Yan Lipao they create “New Asian Style Concept Furniture” including chairs and stools. They also make benches from pineapple fiber.

In addition to furniture, Yothaka also produces home accessories such as boxes, baskets, stationery, and photo frames catering to high-end audiences.  Since 1989, the manufacturer has been known for its originality, inimitable design, and contemporary elegance “offering a perfect balance between aesthetic innovation and timeless rules of beauty.”  Made of eco-friendly materials, Yothaka products are sold in the United States, Japan, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East. Pity they aren’t sold in Thailand.

Sustainable Furnishing Stores

Bua Bhat

Since 1987, Bua Bhat has been manufacturing eco-friendly, hand-hooked rugs, wall hangings, and pillows.  Following the traditional Thai village lifestyle, Bua Bhat’s all-women workforce produces the home furnishings from new fibers salvaged from the edges of garments.  Their factory, in Chiangmai, maintains high quality control but operates as a cottage industry, providing a comfortable and ecologically sound environment for the employees. In 2008, the Thai government recognized Bua Bhat’s outstanding product design with a Design Excellence Award.

Bua Bhat Factory Ltd., Part. 134 Moo 8, Buakkang, Sankampang, Chiangmai 50130, Thailand| T: +66 53 446 291 F: +66 53 446 293 E:|


Inspired by the environment to use natural materials such as bamboo and hemp rope, and using the techniques of traditional kite making, Korakot Aromdee, manager of Korakot International, creates distinctive home furnishings such as lamps, trays, and wall hangings for the home, hotels,  and office buildings. The techniques Korakot uses have been adopted from kite-making techniques that he learned from his grandfather, an expert in Chula kite making.
335 Moo 10 Banlaem, Banlaem, Petchaburi 76110, Thailand| F: + 663 2772 036 E:|

Vintage Furniture & Art


230/1-2 Ekkamai Soi 11, 02-392-2704-5. Open daily 10am-6pm. Not so great are their imported Vintage pieces from Europe as they have traveled many miles and therefore are not so green. But they carry a lot of Thai Second Hand items too, including retro home pieces, old vinyl records and collectibles such as antique figurines and old postal stamps.


11-12 A, 34 Ekkamai Soi 21, 02-711-5500. Open daily 11-1am. Its a pub, restaurant, retro furniture store and art gallery. You can play pool, listen to some old tunes and buy a couch all in one visit. Recently they opened, a warehouse just across the street in Soi Cham Chan which stocks more vintage furniture for sale.

Shades of Retro

Soi Thararom 2, between Thong Lor Soi 18 and 20, 081-824-8011. Open daily 3pm-1am. This place combines chilling with a beer and a vintage retail therapy session. Most of the collectibles are up for sale with prices starting from B1,000. They have retro surfboards, Vespas, and vintage pianos amongst other paraphernalia.

Hai Used & New Furniture

They sell office furniture, bedroom furniture and a great variety of other random furniture. A mixture of new and used. Visit their show room on Rama II Road, near the Hua Kuabue junction. You can also buy online by visiting their website: Hai Furniture.

Thailand Craig’s List

Also check out Thailand Craig’s List for new listings daily! Lots of furniture to be found!